Friday, April 8, 2016

#521 - Rick Dempsey

What a card: When this card was issued, Rick Dempsey was coming off a 1984 season that was much like his 1983 season -- except that the Orioles didn't win the World Series and he wasn't named World Series MVP.

My observation on the front: I don't know what is so fascinating in the upper deck there, Rick.

More opinion from me: Until Dempsey finally started to get some decent playing time in the late 1970s, his stats were atrocious. My brother and I enjoyed pointing them out to our little brother, who was an Orioles fan.

Something you might know: Dempsey played in three different World Series (1979, 1983, 1988) for two different teams (Orioles, Dodgers).

Something you might not know: Dempsey once decked Lenny Dykstra at home plate with his glove hand, setting off a brawl between the Dodgers and Phillies in 1990. Dykstra was upset at the umpire about an earlier called strike and blamed Dempsey for "buttering up" the ump. Dempsey said Dykstra advanced toward him, dropping his bat, and he punched Dykstra before he could do anything. Dempsey was suspended for a game.

My observation on the back: I didn't know Dempsey's rain-delay performances had a name. I just know I was not that amused. I suppose people willing to sit out in the rain would be pleased with just about anything.

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