Thursday, April 14, 2016

#523 - Candy Maldonado

What a card: Candy Maldonado had finally reached 100 games in a season in 1984 after kicking around between the minors and majors for four years. He was still a part-time player though, which is all he would be for the Dodgers.

My observation on the front: I wouldn't call that a "bat flip." It's more like a "bat shove."

More opinion from me: Obviously as a young fan of the Dodgers (I was around 16, 17 when I first heard there was someone named 'Candy Maldonado' in the Dodgers' organization), I was quite intrigued with Candy. But he was another one of those Albuquerque stars who didn't deliver on the wild expectations.

Something you might know: Maldonado had better success with the Giants and Blue Jays, playing in the World Series for both teams and delivering the game-winning hit in the ninth inning of Game 3 of the 1992 World Series for the Jays. It was the first walk-off World Series hit struck outside the United States.

Something you might not know: Maldonado lost favor with the Dodgers for what was perceived as a lackadaisical attitude in the field, making unnecessary throws during games just to please the fans, etc.

My observation on the back: That's a mean trivia question to put on the back of a Dodger card.

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