Tuesday, April 12, 2016

#522 - Paul Molitor

What a card: Paul Molitor was coming off a forgettable 1984 season in which he played just 13 games and missed the rest of the year after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Topps responded by giving him a non-hero number (a card number that doesn't end in "0" or "5") for the first time since the 1980 set.

My observation on the front: Molitor is demonstrating the finger-wiggling he did as he gripped the bat just before he began his swing.

More opinion from me: Topps should have kept the hero number for Molitor, or at least given him a number ending with a "5." If it was good enough for Matt Young and Jim Beattie, it was good enough for Molitor.

Something you might know: The Hall of Famer is the only major league player to hit a triple for his 3,000th hit.

Something you might not know: Molitor's wife during his playing career, Linda (they divorced in 2003), was such a presence on Brewers road trips early in his career that teammates referred to her as the "26th man."

My observation on the back: To update the trivia question a bit, "WP" also stands for "well-played."

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Rob said...

Always really like Paul Molitor, but never liked this card...