Monday, January 18, 2016

#492 - Dave Johnson

What a card: This is Davey Johnson's first flagship card as a manager. Although he did appear in Topps' 1984 Traded set as the Mets' manager, too.

My observation on the front: Nothing says "manager card" like leaning on the dugout railing.

More opinion from me: I've never called Davey Johnson "Dave" in my life, but yet that's what Topps was doing all throughout his playing and manager career.

Something you might know: Less than two years after this card came out, Johnson was leading the Mets to their first World Series title since 1969.

Something you might not know: Johnson played in Japan in 1976 and was a teammate of Sadaharu Oh, the same year that Oh hit career home run No. 715 to pass Babe Ruth the year after Hank Aaron passed the Babe.

My observation the back: Those 90 wins would be surpassed by 98, 108, 92 and 100 in the next four years.

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