Wednesday, January 6, 2016

#488 - Joel Skinner

What a card: This is Joel Skinner's first Topps solo card. But he also appears in a card in the set with his father.

My observation on the front: Skinner has been in baseball a long time now with his managerial career, so I've seen him around for awhile. He looks so young here.

More opinion from me: Skinner was a topic of a Brush With Greatness post on Night Owl Cards. I covered his team during his first season as a manager in 1995. He comes off pretty well in that post -- as well as a manager can in a write-up by a sports reporter.

Something you might know: Skinner was mostly a backup catcher for the White Sox, Yankees and Indians. He was named starting catcher for the White Sox in 1986, supplanting Carlton Fisk. But he didn't hit well and Fisk was returned to the starter's role.

Something you might not know: Skinner, the manager of the Triple A Charlotte Knights, celebrated his 250th victory for Charlotte this past season and the club gave away a Skinner bobblehead on Aug. 4th.

My observation on the back: Bob Skinner was the hitting coach for the 1984 Pirates.

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Jeff said...

The Sox tried to send Fisk out to the outfield to make room for Skinner. Taking Skinner out of the lineup and putting in a young Bobby Bonilla was probably the right move ultimately.

Jamie Meyers said...

I met Joel Skinner when he was managing Akron awhile back now. Very nice guy, really. I asked if he had a favorite card and he said the father and son with his dad that appears earlier on in this set. I have a copy of it signed by both of them.