Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#457 - Cecilio Guante

What a card: Cecilio Guante was entering what would be the most productive season of his career when this card was issued. After appearing in just 27 games in 1984, Guante would appear in 63 in 1985 and strike out 92.

My observation on the front: Guante looks very happy about what's ahead.

More opinion from me: It is the height of cool that Guante in Spanish means "glove," and Guante -- who is from the Dominican Republic -- displayed a giant "G" on his glove.

Something you might know: Guante was a devil-may-care thrower on the mound and would often throw sidearm, three-quarters, whatever.

Something you might not know: Guante missed time late in the 1986 season with a sprained wrist after teammate Mike Diaz started wrestling with Guante in the locker room and pinned his arm back.

My observation on the back: Pena was the Pirates' catcher in 1984-85. I suppose being a close personal friend with your own catcher isn't a given.

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