Thursday, September 17, 2015

#453 - Tom Waddell

What a card: This is the first Topps flagship card for Tom Waddell. He does appear in the 1984 Topps and Fleer traded sets.

My observation on the front: I'm wondering if those are the press box seats above Waddell.

More opinion from me: Waddell has three Topps flagship cards. They are remarkably similar.

Something you might know: Waddell set an Indians record for appearances by a rookie pitcher when he pitched in 58 games for Cleveland in 1984.

Something you might not know: Waddell is one of seven major league players born in Scotland. (He came to the U.S. as a child on the Queen Mary ocean liner). Most played in the 19th century and are not well-known. The other one is Bobby Thomson, who hit a home run you might have heard around the world.

 My observation on the back: The trivia question remains correct. Garry Templeton had over 100 hits from both sides of the plate in 1979 and Willie Wilson did the same in 1980. And that's been it.

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Jeff said...

His 1985 Donruss and 1985 and 1986 Fleer cards fit right in with his three Topps cards.

Stack22 said...

Pitchers always got crummy photos, or at least a lot of them did, including the great Dwight Gooden and not-so great Roger Clemens, who both got similar cards in this set.

Grab a bat, or a ball, or lean against something interesting in the spring training facility. They deserve better cards.

Hackenbush said...

Not to be confused with former Bears receiver Tom Waddle.