Wednesday, September 9, 2015

#450 - Steve Garvey

What a card: Steve Garvey was coming off a terrific season -- perhaps his best for the Padres (it's either 1984 or 1985) -- when this card was released. Garvey's performance during the '84 season, and especially in the NLCS against the Cubs, helped San Diego get to its first World Series.

My observation on the front: I've already mentioned several times the "RAK" initials appearing on the Padres jerseys in memory of owner Ray Kroc. This is the best look yet at those initials.

More opinion from me: There's that trademark Garvey smile for the camera. I didn't realize it then, but in viewing old interviews and ballgames of him, it's no wonder people called him a politician. He was always aware of the camera.

Something you might know: Terrific in spotlight moments like the playoffs and the All-Star Game, Garvey played in five World Series, four with the Dodgers and one with the Padres.

Something you might not know: Garvey grounded into the most double plays among NL players in 1984 with 25. He led the league twice in the category.

My observation on the back: The school in Lindsay, Calif., is still named Steve Garvey Junior High School.

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Jeremy Tramell said...

My first baseball card. Forever my favorite. You never forget your first.

steelehere said...

gcrl has mentioned on his blog how Don Sutton had a familiar pose (referred to as Suttoning) on many of his card of bending on one knee with his glove in his hand. Garvey has one as well of standing in a posed batting stance as if you were pitching to him. There are quite a few Topps and Kellogg's cards showing him this way.

Rob said...

As a kid I was mesmerized by his hairy arms in this pic.