Monday, September 7, 2015

#449 - Phil Bradley

What a card: This is Phil Bradley's first card in Topps flagship. He appeared in 1984 Topps Traded (as well as the Fleer Update set in '84).

My observation on the front: Bradley appears to have taken out the first base coach with that shot.

More opinion from me: The Mariners had two Bradleys on their team during the mid-1980s, with white catcher Scott Bradley also on the roster. I would confuse them periodically. ... hey, it was the Mariners. They're way on the other side of the country.

Something you might know: Bradley was on the verge of his best season when this card came out. He was probably Seattle's best hitter for a three-year period between 1985-87, making the All-Star Game in 1985.

Something you might not know: The Mariners asked Bradley to pose with Mark Langston and Alvin Davis on the roof of the Kingdome for a promotional photo heading into the 1985 season. Bradley refused. It didn't have anything to do with heights, he just thought he didn't deserve to be in that kind of company yet.

My observation on the back: Bradley led Missouri to bowl games three straight years as the Tigers' quarterback. They went to the Liberty Bowl twice and the All-American Bowl once. Missouri won two of the games.

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Stack22 said...

"They're way on the other side of the country."

But I'm sure the two Ellis's never caused any issues.

night owl said...

Every team can't be the Dodgers.