Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#441 - Duane Walker

What a card: This is Duane Walker's final card as a Cincinnati Red, the team that drafted him. He was dealt to the Rangers in the middle of the 1985 season.

My observation on the front: Walker's cap is never going to stay on like that.

More opinion from me: I have a terrible time with the name "Duane". I knew a kid growing up named Duane and he was one weird kid from one weird family.

Something you might know: Walker was one of many young Cincinnati outfielders in the early 1980s. He couldn't compete with the likes of Eddie Milner, Gary Redus and, later, Eric Davis.

Something you might not know: Walker was part of the trade that allowed the Rangers to obtain future closer Jeff Russell. The Reds wanted 34-year-old Buddy Bell and it took Russell and Walker to get him.

My observation on the back: You don't grow up when I did and not think of "Urban Cowboy" when you see Pasadena, Texas. That mechanical bull was a really big deal.

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