Tuesday, May 26, 2015

#415 - Ron Darling

What a card: This is Ron Darling's first Topps base card. He appears in the 1984 Topps Traded set.

My observation on the front: Another miscut card directly out of the box that I bought at the start of the '85 season. Argh.

More opinion from me: Darling is a member of the best broadcasting crew in baseball. Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez are indispensable for the Mets, in my opinion, but Darling holds his own.

Something you might know: Darling was a consistent member of the Mets' starting rotation during their glory years in the mid-to-late 1980s. He finished fifth in the Cy Young voting during the Mets' World Series championship season in 1986.

Something you might not know: Darling appeared on Sesame Street when he was a player, talking with puppet "Telly," who is looking through his baseball card collection, and features a card of Ron Darling that may or may not be a real baseball card. Darling wears his uniform featuring No. 44, which was his uniform number when he first came up with the Mets.

My observation on the back: The trivia question is a lacking an answer! But I won't leave you hanging. The answer is Babe Ruth.

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Bo said...

Looks like the card Telly is holding is from 1984 NY Mets MVP Club. http://www.tradingcarddb.com/ViewCard.cfm/sid/112240/cid/25005950/1984-New-York-Mets-MVP-Club-2-Ron-Darling

jacobmrley said...

How did I go the last 30 years of my life not knowing this SS clip existed?