Thursday, May 14, 2015

#411 - Bobby Cox

What a card: Bobby Cox was entering his fourth season as the Blue Jays manager when this card was issued. After back-to-back 89-73 seasons, Cox would lead Toronto to what would be its most successful season to date in 1985 as the team made the ALCS.

My observation on the front: Cox doesn't appear to appreciate the home plate ump's call here.

More opinion from me: Cox looks particularly grumpy on his Blue Jays cards. It's not until the 1986 set where he can crack a smile.

Something you might know: Cox led the Blue Jays and Braves to the postseason and was in charge when Atlanta won the World Series in 1995. He's fourth all-time in managerial wins and first all-time in managerial ejections.

Something you might not know: Braves owner Ted Turner gave Cox his first MLB managerial job with Atlanta in 1977 in part because of a recommendation made by then Atlanta Hawks coach Hubie Brown.

My observation on the back: The blurb conveniently leaves out that the Blue Jays' second-place finish was a full 15 games behind the first-place Tigers, who went a torrid 104-58 in 1984.

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