Friday, May 8, 2015

#409 - Brad Wellman

What a card: Brad Wellman had completed what would be his most active year in the majors. He appeared in 93 games with the Giants in 1984, with 265 at-bats.

My observation on the front: Wellman is wearing one white glove and one black glove. It's like one hand is good and one is evil.

More opinion from me: I remember not liking Wellman at all, just based on him being a Giant on his baseball cards.

Something you might know: Wellman was part of the trade that brought Vida Blue to the Royals. Signed by the Royals, Wellman was dealt to San Francisco along with Atlee Hammaker, Craig Chamberlain and Renie Martin for Blue in 1982.

Something you might not know: Wellman shaved his head for $1,000 and his shaven head can be seen on his 1984 Topps card (the larger photo shows Wellman with head shaved, while the inset head shot shows Wellman with a full head of hair). Wellman said it came about due to an off-handed comment. Teammates were trying to get Chili Davis to shave his head for $1,500 when Wellman said, "I'd do it for $1,000." Before he knew it, he was looking at 10 $100 bills.

My observation on the back: Wellman's wife, Jodi, is Tom Candiotti's sister.

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Bo said...

Looks like he had hair on his Donruss card and was bald on his Fleer.