Monday, May 18, 2015

#412 - Bud Black

What a card: Bud Black was coming off a 1984 season in which he won 17 games, the most he would win in any one season of his 15-year major league career. He also led the league in WHIP, and I'm sure no one in 1984 knew that he did that.

My observation on the front: It's interesting how the Royals sign is blocking the ball in Black's pitching hand. It's like it's disguising which pitch he's throwing.

More opinion from me: Black, of course, is now the manager for the Padres. He's the first person I think of when I think of pitchers who became major league managers. Yup, even before Tommy Lasorda.

Something you might know: Black is the second longest lasting manager in Padres history. Only Bruce Bochy, who immediately preceded Black, managed for more years.

Something you might not know: Black is only the second person to win 100 games as a pitcher and 600 games as a manager. The other is 19th century Hall of Famer Clark Griffith.

My observation on the back: Black's parents are Canadian. His father came to California because he was recruited to play hockey at USC. The Trojans had one of the best college hockey teams in the country back when Black's dad was playing for them.

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Stack22 said...

Who did USC find to play back then? I can't imagine bus trips to St. Lawrence and Boston U. we're feasible.

night owl said...

I don't know, but according to the article I read, Bud Black said college hockey was very popular in California around World War II. Must've played other California teams.