Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#408 - Sid Monge

What a card: This is the final card of Sid Monge issued during his career. He spent the 1985 season in the minors and that was it.

My observation on the front: Monge's hat is a tad askew.

More opinion from me: Monge was purchased by the Tigers from the Padres in mid-June of 1984, meaning Topps had just three months to get a picture of Monge in a Tigers uniform. Also, Monge's new team, the Tigers, ended up facing the team he started '84 with, the Padres, in the World Series. But it's a bummer that Monge did not pitch in the Series against his old team.

Something you might know: Monge was a career reliever for 10 seasons and enjoyed his best year in 1979 with the Indians when he appeared in 76 games, saved 19 and went to the All-Star Game.

Something you might not know: Monge gave up Tony Gwynn's first big-league hit. It was an eighth-inning double on July 19, 1982 when the Padres were playing Monge's Phillies.

My observation on the back: The bio is boring me so I'll just say "full career major league stats on the back!"

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