Monday, January 5, 2015

#365 - Danny Ozark

What a card: Topps worked fast to get Danny Ozark as the Giants manager in the 1985 set. He was named to replace the fired Frank Robinson on Aug. 5, 1984. (Ozark was the Giants third base coach before being named manager so it's possible he is just a coach in this photo).

My observation on the front: Ozark is wearing the 1984 All-Star patch. The All-Star Game was held at Candlestick Park that year.

More opinion from me: I was thinking as I started this post that I don't remember Ozark as manager of the Giants at all. And that's because he managed them only to the end of the season, which was 56 games. The Giants named Jim Davenport as the manager after the season.

Something you might know: Ozark led the Phillies to three straight NL East championships from 1976-78, but his team lost in the playoffs each year.

Something you might not know: Ozark fought in the Battle Of The Bulge during World War II.

My observation on the back: I knew Ozark was from Buffalo, but I didn't know he was from the same Buffalo suburb as my wife. It figures. Cheektowaga is filled with Polish and Ozark's actual last name was Orzechowski.

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jacobmrley said...

Danny Ozark always struck me of the stage name of someone who'd be making fun of the South, a la Larry the Cable Guy. I never knew it came from Orzechowski, which is impressive but hardly the most tongue tying Polish name I have ever seen. Now knowing he is from Buffalo makes it all the more strange.