Thursday, January 15, 2015

#369 - R.J. Reynolds

What a card: This is R.J. Reynolds' first Topps card. He first appeared in a major baseball card set as part of the 1984 Fleer Update set (a card that I just ordered the other day, by the way).

My observation on the front: Reynolds is wearing the number also worn by Dodgers Jimmy Wynn, Kirk Gibson, Eric Karros, Don Zimmer, Claude Osteen and Adrian Gonzalez. Pretty good company.

More opinion from me: For the longest time I couldn't believe that Reynolds was named after a tobacco company, until I realized his full name is Robert James Reynolds.

Something you might know: Reynolds was part of the deadline deal between the Dodgers and the Pirates that brought Bill Madlock to the Dodgers in August 1985. Madlock hit well to help L.A. win the division, but I was disgusted that L.A. traded away Reynolds and Sid Bream.

Something you might not know: Reynolds was part of a dramatic Dodgers win against the Braves on Sept. 11, 1983. His bunt down the first base line drove in Pedro Guerrero for a 7-6 victory for L.A., which was in a pennant race with Atlanta at the time (the Dodgers would win the West, avenging the lost pennant to the Braves in 1982). But here's the part you might not know: It was Nuns' Day at Dodger Stadium that day.

My observation on the back: Templeton and Wilson remain the only two players to get 100 hits from each side of the plate in one season.

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