Friday, January 23, 2015

#372 - Roy Howell

What a card: For the second straight post, this is the last Topps card of this player issued during his career. Roy Howell played his last major league game in 1984.

My observation on the front: There are a couple of air bubbles on this card that I never noticed until scanning it. It's ruining my fun.

More opinion from me: How Howell didn't end up with the nickname "Red", I'll never know.

Something you might know: Howell was the Blue Jays' regular third baseman during their first season, in 1977. Dave McKay actually started the first 30 games at third for Toronto, but once Howell was acquired in a trade on May 9th, he was inserted at the hot corner.

Something you might not know: Howell still holds the Blue Jays record for most RBIs in one game. He drove in nine batters during a 19-3 victory over the Yankees on Sept. 10, 1977.

My observation on the back: I can tell Roy's a California boy from his hobbies.

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AthleticGigantes said...

Roy helped coach my son's 11 year old club baseball team for almost a year. We were very lucky to have his services as he is well respected and his teaching talent is amazing. The team responded to Roy like no other coach they had and the stories he told always impressed the boys and the dad too. A great guy in my book.

Anonymous said...

Roy resembles Roger Goodell to me.