Wednesday, December 31, 2014

#364 - Richard Dotson

What a card: Richard Dotson went 14-15 in 245-plus innings for the White Sox in 1984, one year after finishing fourth in the AL Cy Young Award voting after going 22-7.

My observation on the front: Dotson in his goofy '80s White Sox get-up is blocking a scenic ballpark landscape.

More opinion from me: I do like the red White Sox jerseys from this period, although not as much as the red Expos jerseys from the same time.

Something you might know: Dotson's 22 wins in 1983 were second only to his teammate LaMarr Hoyt's 24 wins that year.

Something you might not know: Dotson was a figure in trade discussions between the White Sox and Red Sox in 1985. The Red Sox reportedly offered the White Sox Wade Boggs, Bruce Hurst and Mark Clear for Dotson and infielder Luis Salazar. A White Sox official reportedly said, "We wouldn't trade Dotson for Boggs. Dotson for Cal Ripken, that'd be more like it."


My observation about the back: I have a feeling vacationing in Europe was a lot more exotic for a ballplayer in 1985 than it is now.

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Jamie Meyers said...

Trading Richard Dotson for Wade Boggs and Bruce Hurst would have been another one of Lou Gorman's boneheaded moves had it happened. Supposedly when the Astros and Red Sox were talking about Larry Andersen they wanted Scott Cooper and he talked them into Jeff Bagwell instead. Talk about feeding a curse!