Tuesday, December 9, 2014

#357 - Rich Bordi

What a card: This is Rich Bordi's rookie card. He was already a member of the New York Yankees when it was issued. He was traded in late December of 1984.

My observation on the front: Chest hair.

More opinion from me: Bordi looks like he could pass for one of those 1880s ballplayers on an original Gypsy Queen tobacco card.

Something you might know: Bordi was a 6-foot-7, well-traveled relief pitcher who had already competed for three major league teams by the time he received his first Topps card.

Something you might not know: Bordi once contributed to a game-winning rally by the Orioles in September, 1985 that was kicked off by Billy Martin scratching his nose. The Yankees' sign for a pitchout at that time was Martin rubbing his nose. With runner Alan Wiggins on first, catcher Butch Wynegar saw Martin scratch his nose and called for a pitchout from Bordi. But the Orioles weren't running. Then Martin scratched his nose again. Wynegar called for a pitchout from Bordi again. The Orioles weren't running again. Behind in the count, Bordi proceeded to walk the hitter, Lee Lacy, then gave up back-to-back running scoring singles, and the O's won 4-2. It turns out Martin wasn't calling for a pitchout either time. He just had an itch.

My observation on the back: Bordi began his career with the A's. He is reported to be the last player ever signed by A's owner Charlie Finley.

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