Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#346 - Terry Pendleton

What a card: This is Terry Pendleton's rookie card. He played in 67 games for the 1984 Cardinals, finishing in seventh in N.L. Rookie of the Year voting (tied with Jeff Stone).

My observation on the front: I think there might be a Mets fan staring Pendleton down from the stands.

More opinion from me: This is one of the underlooked rookie cards in the '85 set. Clemens, McGwire, Puckett and Hershiser get all the love.

Something you might know: A productive hitter, Pendleton enjoyed his greatest success immediately after signing with the Braves as a free agent. He was the NL MVP in 1991 and finished second in MVP voting in '92.

Something you might not know: Not only was Pendleton 0-for-5 in winning World Series (he played for the '85 and '87 Cardinals and '91, '92 and '96 Braves), but he left two teams just before they won the World Series. He signed as a free agent with the Marlins in 1995, the year his former team, the Braves, would win a World Series. Then in 1996, he was traded from the Marlins back to the Braves, the year before the Marlins would win a World Series.

My observation the back: Take note of Pendleton's birthday. It's also my birthday. Outside of Shoeless Joe Jackson, Pendleton is the best baseball player to share my birthday.

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