Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#351 - Juan Agosto

What a card: Juan Agosto was coming off his most efficient major league season when this card was created. He appeared in a career-high 49 games and finished with a 3.09 ERA and seven saves in 1984.

My observation on the front: Agosto seems to be very happy about his very high hat.

More opinion from me: Agosto's 1985 Topps card looks suspiciously like this card.

Something you might know: Agosto was a 13-year relief pitcher for primarily the White Sox, Astros and Cardinals. He was a workhorse for Houston and St. Louis, appearing in at least 70 games each year between 1988-91.

Something you might not know: Agosto was dubbed "Juan Disgusto" by White Sox fans when he wasn't getting hitters out. Agosto was quoted as saying he never heard his last name in Chicago. "Every time the announcer would say 'Juan' ... the fans would boo so loud I couldn't hear anything."

My observation on the back: Perhaps these trivia questions were written for card backs ahead of time, but this one was already out of date in 1985. Relief pitcher Willie Hernandez won the Cy Young and MVP for the 1984 Tigers.

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