Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#349 - Domingo Ramos

What a card: Domingo Ramos was coming off another sub-.200 season after hitting .185 in 59 games for the Mariners. Ramos hit below .200 in five different seasons in his big league career.

My observation on the front: One of the greatest "choking up" photos in baseball card history. You can see the desperation in that grip.

More opinion from me: Ramos is listed as a "SS-2B" but he actually played the majority of his games in 1984 at third base. Sometimes those position designations seem so random.

Something you might know: Ramos was a utility infielder in the major leagues mostly because of his glove. He didn't get more than 200 at-bats in a season until very late in his career with the Cubs.

Something you might not know: Ramos was working for agent Scott Boras in 2010 when the New York Times published a series of articles that raised the possibility that Boras was providing loans in an unethical manner to young players in the Dominican Republic. Ramos worked for Boras in the D.R.

My observation on the back: It'd be nice if the trivia quiz explained what record McCovey tied. Most triples in first game? Most total bases in first game? Most hits? Most singles and triples?

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