Monday, November 24, 2014

#353 - Julio Solano

What a card: This is Julio Solano's rookie card (and only Topps card). He received one after posting a 1.95 ERA in 31 appearances for the 1984 Astros.

My observation on the front: Some of the photos in '85 Topps are very light. It may be just the printing of the set that I have, but this is one example.

More opinion from me: I'm trying to figure out why Solano didn't get a card in 1986. He appeared in 20 games for the Astros in 1985. Perhaps it's because he kept getting sent down during his career, which lasted until 1989.

Something you might know: If anyone remembers Solano, it's for his time as an Astros reliever between 1984-86.

Something you might not know: Solano's last professional season was in 1994, spent with the St. Paul Saints, the well-known independent league team.

My observation on the back: Steve Garvey is now tied for fifth for the most home runs in the LCS. Ahead of him is leader Manny Ramirez (13), followed by Albert Pujols, Bernie Williams and George Brett.

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