Monday, October 27, 2014

#343 - Bill Russell

What a card: This is the last Topps card of Bill Russell showing him working at his job. His 1986 card shows him sitting in the dugout and his 1987 card is a head shot.

My observation on the front: Those pants are way too tight.

More opinion from me: It's sad to say, but I was looking forward to the post-Bill Russell era for a long time as a Dodger fan. And what did I get? Dave Anderson and Alfredo Griffin.

Something you might know: Bill Russell played in more games than any other Los Angeles Dodger as a member of longest-lasting starting infield in baseball history (eight years). He later managed the Dodgers for three years.

Something you might not know: Russell began as an outfielder and had trouble adapting to shortstop at the beginning because he was shy. "Shortstops are not normally shy," Russell said in a Sports Illustrated article. And now that I think about it, that's probably true.

My observation on the back: They even got the kids' middle names in there.

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zman40 said...

When I was seven years old, I thought Bill looked like Clint Eastwood on his '86 Topps card.