Thursday, October 23, 2014

#342 - Ted Power

What a card: Ted Power pitched in a National League-leading 78 games in 1984, the most appearances he would make in a season during his 13-year career.

My observation on the front: I love this card almost to an obsessive degree. It is one of my absolute favorites in the set, possibly my most favorite. First, let's focus on the name. His name is Ted Power, possibly the greatest name for a pitcher in history. When I was a youngster and Power was coming up in the Dodgers' organization, I dearly wanted him to be a part of the L.A. rotation because a guy named "Ted Power" would never lose. But besides that, on this card, a guy named Ted Power is in his element on the mound. I love cards like this. And he is showing everyone the ball -- how very delightful and old-school. And with the fans in the background, there is a definite 3-D element here. Now, top it all off with the colors used with this card. I love the combination of red and gray (or silver if you so desire). It works extraordinarily well, especially with Power's uniform. Put that all together and that's why I enjoy this card so much and why I've written far more about it than any other card on this blog.

More opinion from me: The only thing that doesn't make this card perfect is it's miscut. I need to correct that.

Something you might know: Power was mostly a reliever during his career, but went 18-3 for the Albuquerque Dukes in 1981. He added a 19th win in an appearance with the Dodgers that year.

Something you might not know: Power was supposed to be in the boat with Steve Olin, Tim Crews and Bob Ojeda that crashed into a pier and killed Olin and Crews in 1993. Power changed his mind and didn't go.

My observation on the back: Of course a man named Ted Power struck out 19 in one game!

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