Friday, October 10, 2014

#338 - Britt Burns

What a card: Britt Burns was entering what would be his final season in the majors in 1985. After a difficult 1984, he'd win 18 games in 1985, but then be forced out of baseball because of a hip condition.

My observation on the front: Burns obviously has something in his back pocket judging by the bulge in his raised right leg.

More opinion from me: I still can't believe those White Sox uniforms. I'd even rather see the ones from 1976.

Something you might know: Burns was one of the AL's top rookies in 1980, winning 15 games for the White Sox. He pitched nine shutout innings in Game 4 of the 1983 ALCS, but wound up losing what was a scoreless game in the 10th when the Orioles scored three runs in the 10th, sparked by Tito Landrum's solo home run.

Something you might not know: The Chicago Tribune book critic in the 1970s was Robert Cromie, a big White Sox fan. While in Birmingham, Ala., he read about a kid who struck out 18 batters in a game. It was Britt Burns. Cromie sent the clip to Bill Veeck, the White Sox owner. Burns was drafted by Chicago in the third round in 1978.

My observation on the back: That 0.12 ERA is even more incredible contrasted with the 5.00 ERA that Burns posted in 1984.

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