Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#207 - Mark Clear

What a card: Mark Clear was entering his fifth and final season with the Red Sox at the time this card was issued. Much like the look on Clear's face, his time with Boston had soured.

My observation the front: My goodness, did Clear swallow some tobacco? He looks like he's going to spit any second.

More opinion from me: Clear was part of the big trade between the Angels and Red Sox in which Boston received Clear and Carney Lansford (as well as Rick Miller) for Rick Burleson and Butch Hobson. This trade was epic -- EPIC -- in our house. "Holy crap, the Red Sox just traded the whole left side of their infield!"

Something you might know: Clear, a relief pitcher with a bit of wildness, was a notable rookie on the Angels' first pennant-winning team in 1979. He was an All-Star and finished third in the Rookie of the Year voting. For both the Angels and Red Sox, he tended to post a lot of wins, a lot of strikeouts, and a lot of walks.

Something you might not know: Clear was released after his very first season of professional baseball. For the Phillies' Class A Pulaski, Va., team in 1974, he was 0-7 with a ridiculous 8.65 ERA and 2.275 WHIP.

My observation on the back: That must have bummed Clear out, getting traded away from his uncle. (Bob Clear was a coach between 1976-86).

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MoltenLava said...

I remember the big trade from my childhood. As an Angel fan I was bummed to lose Lansford.