Tuesday, August 6, 2013

#198 - Eddie Milner

What a card: This card was issued after a very trying season for Eddie Milner. In 1984, his mother died and he struggled to get playing time after appearing in 146 games in 1983. He also turned to drugs that year, which would ultimately end his career.

My observation on the front: I believe that's Candlestick Park.

More opinion from me: That's an interesting look at what appears to be Milner heading to first base after receiving a walk. You don't usually get that angle. In fact, most of Milner's Topps cards are pretty interesting. Not the usual stuff you see.

Something you might know: Milner was Cincinnati's future starting center fielder on the heels of the Big Red Machine days. But following a couple hopeful seasons, he struggled and eventually was suspended by Major League Baseball for drug use in 1988.

Something you might not know: Milner has been an ordained minister for more than 15 years, but confesses that drugs still tempt him.

My observation on the back: The oldest pitcher to appear in a championship series game is now Jamie Moyer, who was 45 when he threw against the Dodgers in the Phillies' appearance in the 2008 NLCS.

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