Monday, August 19, 2013

#203 - Bob McClure

What a card: Bob McClure was entering his final season with the Brewers when this card was issued. He played 10 of his 19 years in the majors with the Brewers.

My observation on the front: It looks like McClure is playing catch. You actually don't see that enough on cards.

More opinion from me: There's too much empty space in the photo above McClure. Sorry, that's the editor in me talking.

Something you might know: McClure bounced between starting and relieving for the Brewers and was a regular starter in 1982 when Milwaukee won the A.L. title. But he returned to the bullpen in the postseason after closer Rollie Fingers went down with an arm injury in September. It didn't work out so well. McClure was 0-2 in the World Series with a 4.15 ERA and took the loss in the Cardinals' Game 7 victory.

Something you might not know: I just brought this up on Twitter the other day and am at risk of repeating myself. But since the last post was a Mariner and now we have a Brewer, I feel it's worthwhile to mention again the similarity in the road uniforms for the Mariners and Brewers in the early 1980s, including 1984.

The only major difference, besides the team names on the front, are the racing stripes on the Mariners shoulders and the sleeve stripes for the Brewers. also, I believe the leg stripe on the Mariners jerseys is blue-gold, while the Brewers' leg stripe is blue-yellow-blue.

My observation the back: So he was good in baseball, football and basketball in high school. Does that mean he pushed little kids into lockers, too? Give me something current!

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Anonymous said...

They're so similar that Mariners pitcher Bill Swift's 1992 Score card was featured with a Brewer logo by mistake.