Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#201 - Burt Hooton

What a card: This is the final Topps card of Burt Hooton as a Dodger. He is featured with the Rangers in both his 1985 Topps Traded card and 1986 Topps card.

My observation on the front: Hooton was not blessed with great cards. This is probably one of the better ones and possibly my favorite.

More opinion from me: I was kind of creeped out by Hooton's cards as a kid. The only thing that saved him from my derision was that he was a Dodger.

Something you might know: Hooton pitched a no-hitter in his fourth major league game as a member of the Cubs in 1972.

Something you might not know: Hooton was so well-known for his mild-mannered ways that broadcaster Vin Scully came up with one of his most famous lines after Hooton won the deciding Game 6 of the 1981 World Series, saying Hooton would go out and "paint the town beige."

My observation on the back: All those years with Lasorda. How did he stand it?

The blog wants to speak now: The Pop Culture and News categories are updated. Lots happened on July 19, 1985.

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MoltenLava said...

Hooton was underrated. All those years with an ERA in the 2's. If he won 20 instead of 19 in '78, maybe he'd be remembered differently.