Thursday, August 8, 2013

#199 - Dennis Martinez

What a card: Dennis Martinez was in the midst of his demise with the Orioles at the time this card was issued. Between 1983-86, Martinez's ERA would never go below 5 for a season. He would be traded in 1986 to Montreal, where he made a marvelous turnaround.

My observation on the front: Martinez is frozen in that pitching release pose that almost always causes me to cringe. Such strain on the arm. It's a wonder anybody on the mound gets through a game.

More opinion from me: On this card, Martinez is six years away from pitching a perfect game against the Dodgers. I'll never forgive him for it.

Something you might know: Martinez was the first Latin-American born pitcher to throw a perfect game.

Something you might not know: Despite winning 245 career games, Martinez won just one time in Yankee Stadium. It was during his first full season in the major leagues, in 1977. It happened in a May 20th game when he came on in relief of Jim Palmer in the fifth inning. Martinez would go on to lose his next 12 decisions at Yankee Stadium.

My observation on the back: The Phillies, incidentally, also hold the N.L. record for the highest team batting average in a season ever. They hit .349 as a team in 1894.

The blog wants to speak now: Sorry. I was at a ballgame tonight and after a long trip there and back, it's surprising this post is here. Nothing else today.

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