Friday, November 30, 2012

#119 - Pat Corrales

What a card: Pat Corrales was embarking on his third season of his third MLB managing job entering the 1985 season. The Indians finished sixth under Corrales in 1984 and would finish seventh in 1985.

My observation on the front: Corrales looks like he has spotted something he doesn't like.

More opinion from me: We've gone through four manager cards so far, and they've all been as exciting as dirt.

Something you might know: Corrales was the first MLB manager of Mexican-American descent.

Something you might not know: Corrales was called "a sissy and a coward" by pitcher Dave Stewart after Corrales went to the mound and kicked Stewart, touching of a bench-clearing brawl during a game in 1986. Corrales was complaining after what he thought was a retaliation pitch Stewart threw at Julio Franco. After exchanging some words, Corrales kicked Stewart, who knocked Corrales down with a punch, setting off the brawl.

My observation on the back: "Pat had distinction of managing both Phillies and Indians in 1983."

"Distinction," to me, implies excellence or superiority. But Corrales managed both because he became the first manager ever to be fired off a first-place team, when the Phillies axed him in June of 1983. The Indians picked him up in July of that year and finished last. Thus, Corrales is the only manager to manage both a first-place and last-place team in the same season.

Hey, I guess that IS pretty "distinct," huh?

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Jim from Downingtown said...

" Corrales looks like he has spotted something he doesn't like."

No doubt, a 1980s-era Indians' player.