Wednesday, November 14, 2012

#114 - Bob James

What a card: Bob James was already a member of the White Sox by the time this card made it to stores. He was traded by the Expos on Dec. 7, 1984 in exchange for Vance Law.

My observation on the front: This is the first time on this blog that we've seen a real, live Expos uniform. The first two Expos were airbrushed and the third was wearing a warm-up jacket.

More opinion from me: I miss the Expos.

Something you might know: After kicking around between the minors and majors for a few years, James emerged in 1984, and then became the closer for the White Sox in 1985, enjoying a career year and saving 32 games.

Something you might not know: James tore a muscle in his pitching arm while facing Don Baylor in the ninth inning of a 1-0 White Sox victory over the Red Sox on Aug. 4, 1986. James grabbed his right arm, and Dave Schmidt had to come in and replace James for the final two outs of the game. James didn't pitch again until the 1987 season. He wasn't the same and '87 would be his last year in the majors.

My observation on the back: Ah, I remember the three home runs Palmer gave up well. Joe Morgan, Greg Luzinski and Steve Garvey. A happy moment.

The blog wants to speak now: The News, Pop Culture and Movies categories are updated. Pilots go on strike, "Matty Ice" is born, and an epic movie of the '80s hits No. 1.

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