Friday, November 16, 2012

#115 - Rickey Henderson

What a card: For the second card in a row, we have someone who was with a different team by the time his card arrived in stores. Henderson was dealt to the Yankees on Dec. 5, 1984 in a deal that brought, among other players, Jay Howell and Jose Rijo to the A's.

My observation on the front: I like almost every card of Rickey Henderson, but this one is just OK. I prefer the cards where he's on the bases.

More opinion from me: I think Henderson is the single most fascinating ballplayer of my lifetime. And probably the best player I've ever seen.

Something you might know: Rickey refers to Rickey in the third person a lot. But he claims that this is blown out of proportion. He says he calls himself "Rickey" mostly when he's scolding himself.

Something you might not know: It's difficult to find something unknown about someone so well-documented. So, I'll just go with this: Henderson's best friend in baseball was Dave Stewart. That's quite a pair right there.

My observation on the back: The word "swimming" is set off from the rest of the sentence, like it was used to replace some other word.

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Andy said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention Stan Javier or Eric Plunk as a couple of the guys Henderson was traded for in that deal. They weren't the big names at the time, but they ended up having a much bigger impact for the A's. Plunk is ridiculously underrated, and was, in fact, traded for Henderson TWICE.

jacobmrley said...

Rickey doesn't like that you don't like that picture of Rickey. Rickey has to hit to get Rickey on base. Rickey also thinks Rickey looks great in green. Oh, and Rickey does talk in the third person a lot, but it doesn't bother Rickey.