Thursday, November 8, 2012

#112 - Tom Tellmann

What a card: Tom Tellman wasn't even with the Brewers by the time most folks were opening packs of 1985 Topps. He was released by Milwaukee at the end of March of that year and picked up as a free agent by Oakland in April.

My observation on the front: Tellman is holding on to the late '70s something fierce. 1978 wants its gold chain back.

More opinion from me: There aren't enough Brewers logos on this card.

Something you might know: Tellman won 15 games for the Brewers in 1983 and 1984 as an effective, under-3 ERA middle reliever.

Something you might not know: Tellman returned to his alma mater in Warren, Pa., to coach the high school team during the 1990s. As recently as 2008, he worked as a pitching coach for an under-16 all-star baseball team in Jamestown, N.Y.

My observation on the back: Grand Canyon University's baseball coach at the moment is Andy Stankiewicz, the former major leaguer for the Yankees, Expos and a few other teams.

The blog wants to speak now: I've started listing where I've received some of the information that I've mentioned in these posts over on the sidebar, under "bibliography." I hope to go back through older posts and add to the list, as it's time I give credit where it's due.

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