Friday, September 28, 2012

#98 - Steve Lake

What a card: Steve Lake had just completed his second season as a backup catcher for the Cubs when this card was produced.

My observation on the front: A whole lot of blue on that card.

More opinion from me: Batting donut! I love cards with batting donuts, and it's a totally irrational love. Can't tell you why I do the things that I do.

Something you might know: This card of Steve Lake is probably his best-known card.

Something you might not know: Lake's 1984 season with the Cubs was abbreviated because of a serious bout with hepatitis that landed him in the hospital. In the Cubs' bid to acquire a backup catcher to replace Lake, they landed Ron Hassey -- along with future Cy Young Award winner Rick Sutcliffe -- in a deal that also sent Joe Carter to the Indians.

My observation on the back: Lake's stint in Midland in 1984 was his rehab assignment after his illness.

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