Friday, September 14, 2012

#93 - Don Schulze

What a card: This is Don Schulze's rookie card. He also appeared on a 1985 Donruss card.

My observation on the front: I'm not going to get trapped trying to guess what stadium is pictured. Cleveland? Detroit? Cleveland? Ah! I said I wasn't going to get trapped!

More opinion from me: I totally didn't realize that Schulze was a pitcher looking at this card. That's an infielder's pose there, and that's what I thought he was, an infielder.

Something you might know: Schulze has been a pitching coach in the Oakland A's organization for the last seven years.

Something you might not know: Schulze sued the San Diego Chicken, later known as The Famous Chicken, after an incident during a minor league exhibition game. Schulze was pitching for Quad Cities in a 1981 game and hit home run during a plate appearance. As he was rounding third base, The Chicken tackled Schulze, separating the pitcher's shoulder. The following year, he filed a $2 million suit against The Chicken Co., which handled the business affairs of Ted Giannoulas, the man inside the chicken costume. In 1985, a federal court dismissed the suit. Schulze appealed but a U.S. Circuit Court upheld the ruling.

My observation on the back: Schulze spent the 1984 season with four teams. He would play for 16 professional teams and also play in Japan.

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Brandon said...

Definitely Tiger Stadium in the background.
Crazy story about Schulze and the Chicken!