Wednesday, September 19, 2012

#95 - Jose Cruz

What a card: Jose Cruz was in the middle of his usual consistent excellence when this card hit packs. For the second straight season, Cruz appeared in 160 games in 1984, totaled more than 180 hits, drove in more than 80 runs, and hit above .310.

My observation on the front: In the photo, Cruz has bunched up his sleeves, which has bunched up his uniform. Looks kind of weird.

More opinion from me: He seems awfully intense for someone in the on-deck circle.

Something you might know: Cruz was enormously popular in Houston and held the record for the most games played in Astros history until Craig Biggio surpassed him. He is the first player (but not the last) that I heard draw cheers of "Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuzzzzz" from fans.

Something you might not know: Biggio leads the Astros in games played and was hit by pitches more times than all but one player in major league history. Cruz is second on the team in games played and was hit by a pitch just 7 times in his 19-year career.

My observation on the back: Jose, Hector and Tommy played together on the 1973 Cardinals for a brief time. No word on whether they all deep-sea fished together.

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Brian said...

He looks like he is getting the sign from the third base coach. He looks confused at the signal, "Lose the donut".