Tuesday, September 11, 2012

#92 - Paul Owens

What a card: This is one of just two Topps cards of Paul Owens, who was a long-time executive for the Phillies but spent just three years as a manager.

My observation on the front: Owens bears a striking resemblance to my paternal grandfather.

More opinion from me: Owens was about 60 when this photo was taken, but he looked about 10 years older to me back when he was managing.

Something you might know: Owens was the architect of those late '70s pennant-contending Phillies and the Phillies' long-awaited  World Series title in 1980.

Something you might not know: Owens set a PONY League record with a 38-game hitting streak in 1951. The PONY League became the Class A New York-Penn League.

My observation the back: Interesting little update on the back as Topps informs you that Owens is no longer the manager of the Phillies. John Felske was hired as soon as the season was over to replace Owens, who went back to being GM.

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MoltenLava said...

That might be the oldest man I have ever seen on a baseball card.