Friday, March 30, 2012

#32 - Chuck Porter

What a card: This is the second card in a Topps Chuck Porter trilogy. Porter had cards with Topps in 1984, 85 and 86, and that was it.

My observation on the front: I believe the setting for this photo is old Tiger Stadium. I liked the look of Tiger Stadium. I'm guessing it was a dump by this time, but it had a nice, old-style feel.

More opinion from me: For the second card in a row, we have a rather exaggerated motion -- this time for the pitcher. Porter looks like he's aiming to fire that ball into the 18th row.

Something you might know: Porter gave up the winning hit in the longest game in major league history on May 8, 1984. He surrendered a solo home run to the White Sox's Harold Baines in the 25th inning for a 7-6 defeat. The game lasted 8 hours and 6 minutes.

Something you might not know: Porter was part of a powerhouse pitching staff in the All-American Amateur Baseball Association tournament in 1973. Pitching for the Baltimore team, Porter joined a staff that also included future major league pitchers Paul Hartzell and Joe Kerrigan. Other future major league pitchers in the tournament that year were Joe Beckwith, Terry Leach, Bob Owchinko, Andy Replogle and Mark Fidrych.

My observation on the back: Going back nine years to 1976 for a highlight? That's an insult.

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Brandon said...

Tiger Stadium was a great place to watch a long as you weren't behind a post. It was in OK shape during the 80's. When Mike Illitch bought the team in '92 it was neglected as Illitch hoped to build a new stadium.