Saturday, March 10, 2012

#25 - Steve Bedrosian

What a card: Steve Bedrosian was about to embark on the only season of his career in which he was strictly a starter. In 1985, he pitched in 37 games and started all 37. He would never start another game for the rest of his major league career, which lasted through 1995.

My observation on the front: It looks like someone got a little frisky with the magenta setting on the color on this card. There are pink splotches on Bedrosian's cap, and the hollering Indian on the Braves logo is abnormally pink.

More opinion from me: I always got the mountain man vibe from Bedrosian. All that facial hair and the dark, swarthy look.

Something you might know: Bedrosian is one of nine relief pitchers in major league history to win the Cy Young Award. He won it with the Phillies in 1987.

Something you might not know: Bedrosian's son, Cameron Bedrosian, was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels in 2010, but he missed all of the 2011 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery.

My observation on the back: Ha, ha! Billy Martin has the most championship series losses! I don't even care if that's no longer true! I don't care if some of those losses came with other teams besides the Yankees! Billy Martin was a Yankee and he lost! Ha, ha!

The blog wants to speak now: It has been a crazy long week. No updating of the tabs until I feel like it. Maybe on Sunday.


Ben said...

One of my favorite things about these old cards are the team logos. I particularly like, and miss, the old Pirates logo, the old Blue Jay, and especially the Braves screaming Indian.

As a weekend alternative this season, the Braves will be wearing a jersey reminiscent of the original Atlanta Braves jersey... unfortunately sans screaming Indian.

Bo said...

Billy never lost an LCS as Yankee manager. He did lose an LCS to the Yankees when he was the A's manager.

night owl said...

Still don't care! When I picture him losing, he's in a Yankee cap! Ha, ha! Screw reality! It's more fun to picture the Yankees losing!

Play at the Plate said...

At least the trivia question was good. The tidbit of info was downright useless.