Wednesday, March 21, 2012

#29 - Odell Jones

What a card: With this card, Odell Jones had appeared on a baseball card for three straight years. It would be an all-time best for him. Even though his first card appeared in the 1978 Topps set and his last showed up in 1989 Upper Deck, there were plenty of gaps in between. Jones made a lot of stops in the minors during his big league career.

My observation on the front: It looks really warm wherever he is, although it appears that Jones is wearing long sleeves.

More opinion from me: The No. 21 on his uniform looks freakishly large.

Something you might know: Jones came within two outs of a no-hitter in 1988 while pitching for the Brewers against the Indians. It was broken up by current Rangers manager Ron Washington. It was one of only two games Jones started that year.

Something you might not know: Jones won four strikeout titles while pitching in Triple A.

My observation on the back: You can see that he was signed by the Pirates in 1971. He started his pro career in the Pittsburgh organization in 1972. Twenty-years later, he was pitching for the Angels' minor league team in Edmonton in 1992. That's a long career for someone with a 24-35 major league career record.

The blog wants speak now: No updates tonight. Got to get up early.

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Spiff said...

The first thing I always wonder about when looking at this card is how he got away with having whatever it is caked on the underside of his cap bill.