Tuesday, March 13, 2012

#26 - Roy Smalley

What a card: Welcome to Roy Smalley's only Topps card as a member of the White Sox. It was not a fun year. He hit .170 in his only season in Chicago.

My observation on the front: Smalley kind of had a Ray Romano thing going in the face, which as a kid I found off-putting for some reason. I was always happy when Smalley's card featured him in an action shot. No close-up poses please.

More opinion from me: I have heard many people slam this particular White Sox logo, specifically citing the way the batter is holding the bat. It really is bizarre when you focus on it. Nobody holds the bat like that with any hope of hitting a fastball.

Something you might know: Smalley comes from a baseball family. His dad, Roy Jr. (he's Roy III), played 11 years for the Cubs, Braves and Phillies. His uncle, Gene Mauch, played for nine years in the majors but was more well-known as a manager for the Phillies, Expos, Twins and Angels.

Something you might not know: Smalley is a portfolio manager and wealth advisor for a major financial firm, as well as being a TV commentator for Twins broadcasts. He also has definite viewpoints on health care and global warming, and if you're left-leaning on those issues, you probably won't like his opinions.

My observation on the back: The type is too damn small, but Smalley's 1979 season made me a fan of his for life (except those few years he spent with the Yankees). In the late '70s, the Twins were something of a mystery team out there in the dark wilds of Minnesota. It was cool for someone besides Carew to have a break-out season.

The blog wants to speak now: I updated a few of the tabs on Sunday. News, Pop Culture, Movies. I even downloaded a picture of Kim Kardashian. No, I'm not proud of that. In fact, I think I need to wash my hands.

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MCT said...

It wasn't all that common for Topps to list three positions on the front of a player's card, was it?