Wednesday, March 20, 2019

#108T - Roy Smalley

What a card: Roy Smalley returned home to the Twins in a February 1985 trade in which the White Sox received minor leaguer Rob Scheer and Randy Johnson (Not that Randy Johnson, this Randy Johnson).

How'd that go: Coming back to where he spent 10 years of his playing career worked well for Smalley. He shed that terrible 1984 season and delivered three decent years for the Twins from 1985-87.

Backatya: I wonder if Smalley heard any stories from Uncle Gene about how mean Philadelphia fans are.

Back-to-back: Don't you miss 1980s logos more than anything?

I see that the Twins decided that playing three positions in a season might be a little much. The flagship card is No. 26 and was originally blogged on March 13, 2012.

The blog wants to speak now: Not tonight. It's later than I usually write these things these days and I've got to get some shut-eye.

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