Monday, October 9, 2017

#711 - Dan Quisenberry All-Star

What a card: Dan Quisenberry led the league in saves for the third straight season in 1984 and finished second in the AL Cy Young Award voting for the second straight year.

My observation on the front: This is from the same photo shoot as Quisenberry's base card, probably just a few camera clicks away.

More opinion from me: The advertising signs in the background scream 1980s spring training.

All-Star Game performance: Quisenberry was selected to the AL All-Star team for the 1984 game but didn't play, probably because the AL trailed for the entire game and a closer wasn't needed.

Legitimate All-Star card or fake All-Star card: Fake. Relievers are never All-Star starters.

My observation on the back: A year after setting the record for most saves in a season, Quisenberry finished one save short of that mark in 1984.

The blog wants to speak now: I'm not here to start no trouble, but the Pop Culture tab is updated.

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