Saturday, March 8, 2014

#270 - Dan Quisenberry

What a card: Dan Quisenberry was still on top of the world in 1985, having just completed his second straight 40-save season in 1984. He was the first to surpass 40 saves in a season, but the Cardinals' Bruce Sutter joined him with 45 saves in 1984.

My observation on the front: Possibly the most blue on a card that we've seen so far.

More opinion from me: Quisenberry has to be one of the most likable players of all-time. He was as pleasant and funny as they come and, gosh, wouldn't it be great to be like that all the time?

Something you might know: One of the most noted submarine-style pitchers in history, Quisenberry set single-season save records five times between 1980-85. He died from brain cancer at age 45.

Something you might not know: Quisenberry was whimsical, clever and a notorious quipster. That probably explains why his wife, Janie, once had an apron that said, "Where's my relief?"

My observation the back: There is an error in the trivia answer. Ray Knight couldn't have hit two home runs in the same inning in 1980 against Cincinnati, because he played for Cincinnati. No, that should say he performed the feat against the New York Mets.

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Spiff said...

I remember Quisenberry doing KC Masterpiece commercials. He always ended them with, "The Quiz wouldn't throw you a curve, would he?"

Matthew R said...

That is a very blue card