Friday, March 28, 2014

#277 - The 1979 No. 1 Draft Pick - Al Chambers

What a card: This card recognizes the Mariners selecting Al Chambers with the first pick of the 1979 MLB draft. The Mets picked Tim Leary second.

My observation on the front: It's very cloudy wherever Chambers is.

More opinion from me: This is Chambers' only Topps card. He very nearly didn't make this subset because Topps focused only on No. 1 picks who were still playing in the majors. Chambers would have only four more at-bats in his major league career after the 1984 season.

Something you might know: Chambers is considered one of the biggest busts among No. 1 draft picks in MLB history. He'd play in only 57 MLB games and was done by age 24.

Something you might not know: After his baseball career ended, Chambers got a job mixing the ingredients for chocolate syrup at Hershey Foods.

My observation on the back: Reading that is like reading my social studies textbook in 9th grade.

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MJ said...

In the first sentence you mean to say he was the first pick in the '79 draft, not the '85 draft. Geez. This being his only card sort of rubs salt in the wound of him being a bust, doesn't it?

night owl said...

Gotcha. It's fixed. I had '85 on the brain last night, even looked up the '85 draft instead of '79 first.

Anagramsci said...

Chambers had a really fun statis-pro baseball card in my first tabletop baseball set (1983 season) So many walks.

steelehere said...

One of the best you might not know about Al Chambers is that he and Greg Brock are the first two Donruss Rated Rookies. Both had cards in 1983 Donruss noting so on the back of their cards.

willy loman said...

I thought he had only one card made?