Wednesday, October 11, 2017

#712 - Keith Hernandez All-Star

What a card: Keith Hernandez led the National League in double plays turned by a first baseman in 1984. It was the sixth and final season that he would top that category.

My observation on the front: Unlike the American League All-Stars, which I believe all feature photos from spring training, Hernandez is shown at a big-league park, Shea Stadium.

More opinion from me: This starts the National League portion of the All-Star Cards and there is no design or color differentiation between the AL and NL all-star cards, which actually irks me. Previous sets have noted the difference between the leagues.

All-Star Game performance: Keith Hernandez struck out in his only at-bat in the 1984 All-Star Game.

Legitimate All-Star card or fake All-Star card: Fake. Steve Garvey started at first base for the National League. Steve Garvey was deprived of an All-Star card.

My observation on the back: Quite the race for the On-Base Percentage King.

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