Friday, April 21, 2017

#651 - Jeff Russell

What a card: This is Jeff Russell's card after his first full season in the major leagues. The future closer appeared in 33 games in 1984 and started 30 of them, suffering a league-leading 18 losses.

My observation on the front: I'm certain I did not know Russell until he was with the Rangers and featured a mustache and beard. I've got to admit this card here is a bit alarming.

More opinion from me: You can tell this photo was taken the spring training before the 1984 season. No one smiles like that after going 6-18.

Something you might know: Russell was an All-Star closer for the Rangers in 1988 and 1989 and led the American League in saves with 38 in 1989.

Something you might not know: Russell's son, James, a relief pitcher for the Cubs, Braves and Phillies between 2010-16, is married to Nikki Witt, the daughter of former pitcher Bobby Witt. Bobby was a teammate of Jeff Russell's with the Rangers and A's.

My observation on the back: When you start the season 35-5, fans will want to come out to see your games.

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Rob said...

In the late 80's I went to a Ranger's game for my birthday and Bobby Witt signed my baseball card. I told him it was my birthday and he said, "Happy Birthday." Bobby Witt is A-OK in my book.

Stack22 said...

Russell looks like the type of guy that is always ahead of me on long stadium concession lines, then wants to make specialized orders; "A pretzel, but only salted on one side, and I need 14 of them."

And I'm left missing an inning and a half trying to get two dogs and beer. Does not have the look of a two time All-Star on this card.

Kin said...

He signed a couple of cards for me at a local card show about a year ago. Definitely a nice enough guy.